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Welcome to The Independent MP website.

This website is for people who are fed up with the two party political system and concerned that UKIP are becoming an alternative. In the 2015 elections 10.014M people voted for candidates not in the two major Westminster parties and 15.723M failed to cast a vote, which shows that  25.767M people (55.5% of the electorate) would like an alternative to one of the two major parties.
Many people who don’t vote (about 15.723M in 2015) would vote if there was an alternative to the two major parties.
If all those who failed to vote in 2015 voted for INDEPENDENT candidates, there could be a majority of Independent MPs.

Who is this site for?
The aim is to help people to become an Independent MP by providing policies for use in a manifesto.
Naturally local issues must be added to the manifesto to provide a total package, the local issues are the responsibility of the potential MP.
You can add your suggestions to this site by e-mail to postmaster@theindependentmp.org.uk
Use of this site.
Anybody can use this material so long as the source is referenced and the copyright is respected. No liability for omissions or errors is accepted by the author and my thanks to those who have sent in ideas, especially the useable ones.