The current system assumes that all children and adults learn at the same rate and therefore progress through the system at the same rate. This is not sensible as it mean the brighter children wait for exams and the slower learners either take exams they are not ready for or fail. A new system of managed life-long learning to allow all students to progress at their own rate will need to be introduced.

Good education is essential for the development of the nation state, therefore it will be free to all British citizens up to graduation from their 1st degree Batchelors or Masters.


1) Develop and provide a system of life long learning for everybody who wants to develop their knowledge..
2) Develop a system which draws on the information available in schools, universities and industry for the benefit of all.
3) Improve discipline within the education system
4) Develop vocational courses alongside academic courses

5) Develop industrial apprenticeships for vocational training

6) Provide incentives for employers to provide career development training for employees


1) Develop industrial sponsorship of Universities and colleges

2) Develop research & Development partnerships between Universities and Industry.

3) Improve the quality of all public schools and college buildings

4) Improve the availability of Technology to all students in education

5) Recognize vocational Degrees as having the same status as Academic qualifications.

6) Removal of University education fees

7) Access to sports facilities and swimming pools for all school pupils