The National security and the Defence of the country is the responsibility of the Government and enforced using The Armed Forces, Security agencies, Police and Police agencies, HM Customs and the Coastguards.


1) No Pre-emptive strikes
2) Use of all assets to defend the UK & NI and territories against all aggressors and terrorists.
3) Use of the UN as mediators wherever possible or required by law
4) Support to the UN, NATO and EU to assist with peace keeping and anti-terrorist activities, supported by lawful mandates.
5) Strengthening of intelligence gathering at points of immigration and emigration


1) A Defence review based on future requirements and not austerity alone.
2) We will commit a division to protecting the UK, supporting the Emergency services and providing aid to disaster areas overseas.
3) We will change the nuclear debate by increasing the number of submarines but reducing the number of warheads per boat

4) Improved pay, accommodation and equipment for the armed forces, especially the lower ranks.
5) An increase of Police strength by 20,000 front line police officers and reduce the number of forces from 43 to 9.
6) Increased co-operation and communications between all National security organisations.
7) Increase the number of immigration officers at all ports of entry and provide a Biometric tracking system for all immigrants.
8) Return ALL economic migrants to their home nation.