The perception is that victims are treated worse than the criminals, that sentences are too short and prisons’ too soft. This results in greater disrespect for the law within the community and more crime at all levels.


1) Increase the penalties for all law breakers

2) Increase the number of prison places available by investing in new prisons.

3) Change the sentencing system for a minimum period before parole.

4) Change life sentences to mean life in custody

5) Increase the number of minor offences which can be dealt with by the magistrates’ court.

6) A zero tolerance approach to all drug abuse, for users: - a 3 month prison sentence for second offenders and a minimum of 5 years for traffickers


1) Change sentencing system to give higher minimum sentences.

2) Change system so that "LIFE" means a custodial sentence for life.

3) Increase crimes where a life sentence can be applied, to include: Treason, Murder, Child molestation, Drug trafficking.

3) Remove the early release scheme

4) Remove tariff deductions for Guilty pleas or being caught "red handed" by the Police.

5) White collar crime, such as fraud, should attract prison terms in proportion to the magnitude of the fraud, this includes Tax avoidance.

6) Regulators who oversee a fraudulent activity or enterprise acting fraudulently may be charged with conspiring to defraud

7) Members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons must leave if they are convicted of a crime and sent to prison.