Warning: There are rules which must be adhered to irrespective of Gender; these can be found on the Electoral commissions’ web site.

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Promoting yourself locally.

You must promote yourself to get yourself well known by your potential electorate. This happens long before an election is called.

It is recommended that you try some of the following:

1) Stand for election as a councillor as this will give you experience of campaigning. It doesn't matter if you don't win.

2) Write plenty of good topical letters to the local papers.

3) Become a school Governor or join the PTA.

4) Become involved in local issues, planning a protest etc.

5) Try to raise local or family sponsors for your campaign. You need 8 supporters for your candidature papers.

6) Discuss local issues with Councillors, Doctors, Teachers and Dentists etc.

7) Analyse local issues and National policies to identify the major election issues for your manifesto

8) Start your own local protest against closing hospitals, poor transport, planning decisions, over development of housing etc.