Climate Change - Some facts
1. Climate Change would take place even if Humans did not exist - however it would take millions of years not a few centuries.

2. Humans are accelerating the speed of the change and can, if they act NOW, slow down the rate of change and given sufficient time reverse the change.

What needs to be done? 

1. According to the scientists we should STOP burning fossils fuels, this means using renewable energy in the form of Sun, Wind, Solar and Nuclear power.

2. Give up the Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene engine in favour of electric power.

3.Stop eating as much meat as methane from Cows is also changing the climate.


As a Government what can we do?

1. Build Small nuclear reactors, based on those used on submarines, all over the country; about 20 will be required.

2. Set up a company to distribute the power to roadside charging points for all Electric Vehicles (EV).

3. Charge EV users for the electricity at a competitive rate, this will replace lost fuel duty.

4. Install Solar panels on all Government building (where allowed) and incentivise companies and individuals to install solar power on their buildings and insulate lofts.

5. Electrification of all Railways and increase the use of Freight trains to remove HGVs from the roads (Use the Swiss model for HGVs)

6. Build Railways stations at all Airports to reduce the dependency on cars.