The UK's foreign policy effects how other nations see the UK. It is important that the foreign policy is based on tolerance of other cultures, other forms of government and religion. It is also important that within the UK we also recognize equality between the sexes and religions; and act  against terrorists, torturers and indiscipline.  Currently, by law, a fixed percentage (0.7%) of GDP (£12Bn) is paid in the form of a development fund.


1) The UK will support, through foreign aid, improvements in national infrastructure, medicine and Education.

2) The UK will cancel foreign debt in developing countries where governments do not recognise and enact human rights and where that country could be considered for inclusion in the G20.

3) The UK will seek to strengthen relationships with the Commonwealth

4) The UK will refrain from intervention in the politics of another sovereign state unless invited to do so.


1) Review the current debt of developing nations and cancel the debt where ever possible.
2) Re-evaluate the aid budget based on the need to support Infrastructure, medicine and education.
3) Provide staff to assist with the development work, so that the funds do not go to corrupt officials.
4) Repeal the law on the GDP percentage given as development aid
5) Review the nations dependency on technology and other imports that impact on national security and sovereign capability.