When the Government cancelled the northern section of HS2 (Birmingham to Manchester) it announced that it would take £50+Billion to connect all the new off-shore and on-shore power generation sites AND IT WOULD TAKE YEARS - does this mean an EV is a fad?

Given there are about 920,000 EVs and only 79,564 public charging points, which is approximately 1 for every 12 EVs and there are about 33 million cars on the road. If they all change to an EV, ignoring the significant CO2 increase due to manufacturing them, how much power will be needed and where will all the home chargers come from, who will service them and who will install them. Is this the reason the government has delayed the ban on selling Diesel and Petrol cars?- fundementally we do not have sufficient qualified engineers for the installation and servicing work.

Given the cost of ownership and the increasing cost of EV car insurance is it worth the effort and cost?

Given a modern car could be converted to run on Hydrogen, which could be distributed via the current petrol stations - have we backed the wrong horse (metaphorically)?