• The Country is Broke, thanks to the Tories

      More defence cuts to come, more cuts for the Police, the NHS desperate for money, Schools asking parents to pay for books, pens and Pencils. If you want top class services everyone and every company must pay the appropriate taxes.  The economy is not safe in Tory hands and will be destroyed by the Labour party - vote for Independent candidates to change your future.

    • Public Services and Taxation

      Watch for the Conservatives increasing the TAX burden as the only way to improve Public Services is to increase taxes even on the dead. They may of course try to get Companies to pay the taxes that are due instead of paying what they think and when they want. the time has come to stop sending money to dictators and corrupt governments and focus some of the 0.7% of GDP (£12Bn) on the UK homeless, School books and social care.

    • Tory Government and the Environment

       I said they would hit the motorists first - You will now pay more for your Electric and Hybrid cars but not for smelly old Diesels.

      So much for climate change and carbon foot prints - for the Tories it is all about the money.

    • Corporation Tax avoidance.
      The current systems allows companies to avoid paying tax on UK earned profits, this must change if Public Services are to improve. Remember TAX pays for Teachers, Doctors, Police, Defence, roads etc. all of these are being cut because of a short fall in TAX.