• Is Sir K Stamer fit for Government?.
If you pay attention to PM Questions it would appear the Opposition is limited to jibes and hot air. If you want to obtain high office you need to work at it and build the electorates trust by being an effective Opposition party - sadly this has not been achieved and there is no sign of it happening. If they are ineffective in opposition they will be ineffective in Government.

    • Israel and Palestine?
Whilst Israel has a right to defend itself it does not have a right to persecute the innocent Palestinian people; The Government of Israel should recognise that not all Palestinian people belong to Hamas and Hamas has members from other hostile states. Given that "The Holy Land" once belonged to Jews, Christians and Muslims it is time for Israel to start the dialogue and focus on the enemy and not the innocent. A failure to stop the slaughter of Palestinians could result in a rise in anti-semitism, or as is more likely a TWO state solution.

    • Housing problems
Given there is a shortage of affordable houses, should local councils build there own stock? and should the Government interfere in the market by taxing the short term holiday rental income at 50% higher than the long term rental income.

    • HMRC - the need to collect more TAX
The current systems allows companies to avoid paying tax on UK earned profits and citizens to avoid some tax this must change if Public Services are to improve. Remember TAX pays for Teachers, Doctors, Police, Defence, roads etc. all of these are being cut because of a short fall in TAX and the uncollected TAX stands at £42BN (more than enough for a pay rise) - they should start by answering the phone!!