The current system was designed decades ago and does not meet the current needs. It forces people to travel by car as it is more convenient and cheaper. It is logical that the system needs investment to remove from the road and air those who could travel by train.


1) Integrate the rail system with airports and the EU rail system
2) Develop the rail system to take more freight.
3) Increase the use of alternative transport in cities and towns.
4) Increase the number of car free cycle routes in all towns and cities.
5) Increase the traffic calming measures around schools.
6) Open up inland waterways to freight traffic
7) Use EU systems to control the movement of freight on the roads.


1) Connect UK airports to the nearest city with a Rail link
2) Connect all major cities with a fast electrified rail link to reduce the number of people flying between them.
3) Review Rail system and franchises
4) Review the rail ticket cost to make rail travel more affordable and less complicated
5) Removal of any road pricing schemes that are based on miles travelled.
6) Reduce the availability of local flights where rail travel is an alternative.
7) Fund the development of car free cycle routes
8) Change planning regulations to ensure all schools, Hospitals, Stations etc. are connected by alternative transport routes