The NHS is central to the welfare state and will be developed to meet current and future needs. Attention will be given to the services provided and the medical management of the NHS from visiting a GP or calling 111 or 999, the arrival at a hospital to after care and care in the community. A complete reform is overdue as are salary increases for the Nurses and junior doctors (who also need a new Job description)


1) Provide medical and mental care for all British nationals free of charge at point of use.
2) Provide care for the long term and terminally ill.
3) Provide care in hospitals, special homes or in the community for the elderly and infirm.
4) Provide consultation and advice on preventative health care basis.
5) Provide NHS Dentists for everybody
6) Provide A&E hospitals, air ambulance and paramedic services for everybody.


1) Increase the number of Nurses, Doctors and Dentists. (Incentivise people to train by removing all university fees when they have completed 10 years in the NHS).
2) Reduce the number of agency workers and the companies that drain the NHS budget by providing better working conditions (shifts and Flexi-hours) and salaries for permanent staff.
3) Reduce the number of non-medical administrators and managers
4) Provide an NHS Dentist within 30 minutes of every household.
5) Provide free parking for hospital staff and people visiting the long term or terminally ill.
6) Build Walk in A&E centres to provide a Triage facility, staffed by Doctors and Nurses, so that Ambulances take only the very sick and badly injured to a hospital.