The Campaign - Some facts
Electorate = 46,501,241
Votes to Leave    = 17,410,742 ( 51.9%)     Votes to Remain  = 16,141,241 (48.1%)        Uncast votes = 12,949,258
Clearly the majority of British people did NOT vote to leave the EU, in fact if the remain votes are added to those who failed to cast a vote (16,141,241 + 12,949,258 = 29,090,499) it means that 62.55% of the electorate may be against leaving.
The difference between the leave and remain vote is only 1,269,501 it means that only 634,751 people need to change their mind for a second referendum to produce a different result: a swing of only 1.89%, which is why the Leavers don't want another referendum.

Did you know that in June 1975 in the Common Market Referendum, from an Electorate of 40,086,677 the results were

Yes = 17,378,581 (67.23%)              No = 8,470,073 ( 32.77%)    Uncast votes = 14,238,023 (35.38%).
A clear Majority!


Invoking Article 50 does not mean we will leave, we can always withdraw from the process and remain in the EU. The PM can also ask for an extension to the transition period by the 30th June 2020, which given the COVID-19 impact he could do if he wants a soft Brexit, otherwise expect a full hard Brexit.


By the time we Brexit the EU could be very different to the one we voted to leave and with the world in recession it may be viewed as suicidal to leave a trading partner with 500M consumers


This is what the Brexiteers voted for!

1) Queuing with the Rest of the World when entering Europe at an Airport.

2) Queuing at Calais/Dover as all Passports are checked and when travelling by car closer scrutiny at the internal borders of France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy etc.

3) Paying duty on all goods leaving the EU and entering the UK.

4) Paying Mobile phone roaming fees while in the EU

5) Reduced compensation if flights are cancelled or delayed ( you will need to travel on an EU registered carrier or flight entering the EU.)

6) Higher Electricity prices if Electricity is imported from France (currently tariff free)

7) More expensive wine from the EU (France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal)

8) Probably paying for higher travel insurance to cover hospital fees as the EHIC may not be acceptable

9) Changing your EU number plate on Cars, trailers, caravans, HGV etc.

10) Fewer UK jobs as EU companies re-locate ( all ready started)

11) Fewer jobs in the EU for British people.

12) No influence on how the EU develops but compliance with all EU product regulations and standards.